Ekalavya preserves the best teaching practices in Indian classical performing art forms to make them accessible to everyone.
The founder of 'Ekalavya' believe that art has the power to transform life - " I feel that there should be a little 'vent' in every individual's life where 'Art' can enter and imprint its golden touch and eventually help to create a more receptive and sensitive society", she says.


Ekalavya preserves the best teaching practices in Indian classical performing art forms to make them accessible to everyone.

To promote authentic literacy of performing arts in schools, higher education institutions and individuals

To preserve the authenticity of Indian classical performing arts and nurture an interest in the younger generation

To promote performing arts as a viable employment/ entrepreneurial opportunity both nationally and globally for semi-literate and literate unemployed youth

To provide an opportunity to men and women to get trained in performing arts, especially those who had to give up their dreams of learning performing arts due to economic/ academic/ family compulsions


Ekalavya is an online platform to impart education in various Indian classical performing arts. Eminent practicing experts will give lessons in their respective art fields in a very structured and methodical manner. The lessons include 30 min capsules with simple steps and minute detailing. Technology enables us to make it possible for the child to use it to learn at her pace and convenience.

There is a huge need for good performing arts teachers all over the world. Currently the unstructured and half-baked education in these fields kills the interest in many talented students. Our effort is to make Indian Classical performing arts accessible to the masses and be an effective enabler in their learning of the art forms. This will not only give them a platform to learn from the maestros but will also preserve the pure art forms.

The e-lessons are designed to be as good as if not better than a virtual classroom. Along with the lessons the student can interact with the maestros, send queries and performance videos. These videos will be evaluated and feedback given to the learners. There are other in-built assessment tools, that help in self-evaluation and teacher evaluation. Ekalavya also comes with a repository of knowledge capsules about these art forms. From their history to the lives of various eminent artists, it will capture and archive the invaluable information.

It is a brainchild of Smt. Vaswati Misra, an eminent Kathak practitioner and a guru for the last 40 Years.